Print and Popsicles!

Tiger & Tuffy's business card

It’s always fun designing and printing for friends, and this project was one of my favorites of the past summer: a punch card for a seasonal popsicle stand on the west side of Olympia. Friends Jen and Kim make all-vegan frozen treats from locally-sourced fruits and vegetables (“whenever possible,” says the copy on the reverse of their card). Well I am an aspiring locovore, but I have to say their frozen bananas are the serious banana bomb and I don’t care HOW FAR the fair-trade chocolate and organic bananas had to travel to reach me.

Jen and Kim both work at the beloved Olympia Food Co-op, and they are a crazy dynamic duo of urban farming, tiny-house building, artistic creativity and popsicle invention. They are also my marathon training buddies. We’re doing the half.

The adorable little character illustrations were provided, and I worked-up a typographic and color treatment to try to partially reflect the high refreshment quotient of the product. We chose a crisp white paper stock so the colors would pop-sicle. It’s so nice not to print something that’s brown and green. I mean, in the Pacific Northwest we have NOTHING BUT brown and green and grey. Yet everyone wants brown and green and sometimes, yes, even grey cards. Come on, people. I still say that the Scandinavians have it right. Lots of light neutrals punctuated by bright color to combat the northern dim.


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One thought on “Print and Popsicles!

  1. Aw shucks! Working with the Sherwood Press was an amazing opportunity. Jami worked magic designing these stand out cards that totally reflect the fun that is our budding business. Thank you!

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