Cider Heads!

Northwest Cider Association
A letterpress coaster for the Northwest Cider Association

I recently had an opportunity to print for David White, a new friend whose design work I greatly admire. I first became aware of David’s work when I saw a beautiful catalog he produced for a company called Espresso Parts here in Olympia. Much later, I found that he was also the designer for the Olympia Coffee Roasting Company, a sister company to Espresso Parts, (and my total fave coffee roaster in Olympia, incidentally.) I finally introduced myself to David one day when I overheard him talking about letterpress and thought he might like to know about The Sherwood Press.

David White

David is not only an extraordinary designer, but he is also a cider head. I don’t know if that’s an expression, but it should be. He makes cider, seems pretty obsessed with the whole idea of cider, and has helped to form the Northwest Cider Association. He collaborated with a fellow graphic designer and cider-maker, Lars Ringsrud, on a promotional coaster for the association. He describes Lars as an east-of-the-Cascades version of himself. They are both cider-heads (still don’t know if that’s an expression), both extremely talented graphic designers, and both worked at coffee roasting companies. Weird, huh?

Lars Ringsrud's card

Well while the coasters were in the works, Lars also decided to get some business cards printed for himself. His design is elegant, perfectly balanced, and absolutely suited to letterpress, and therefore a joy to print.  I’m hoping that he will send more of his great work my way. It’s such a pleasure to print for a great designer.

I have to say, that I like cider, too, and was even thinking about building my own cider press with the help of a very capable friend this summer. (Or watching him make it, while saying appreciative things constantly, is probably more realistic.) I haven’t gotten around to it, because while I am pursuing a variety of household and homesteading projects, I must admit that the cider press is about halfway down on the list, which is dishearteningly long. Maybe by the time I start to get substantial numbers of apples, I will get around to building that press. Then, I can be a cider maker, designer, and, well, at least a serious coffee drinker.

Lars Ringsrud

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