A little press doesn’t hurt.

The Heidelberg Windmill 10 x 15 platen letterpress

A couple of weeks ago, our coolest and local-est newspaper Olympia Power and Light published an article by Lesli Baker written about the press. It’s always nice to get some press because it helps get the word out and I always see an increase in my business afterward.

It also gave me a little swoon to see one of my pictures of Heidi the Heidelberg grace the cover. Isn’t she just a beauty?

I’ve had lots of great comments from people and even a postcard from Arkansas! Since I am alone up here most of the time, it feels good to get some feedback.

Olympia Power and Light — “Rosewood is the new Helvetica”: Jami Heinricher on the art of letterpress.

I am just getting back into my exercise wheel like the fluffy hamster that I am after spending a stupendous week in southeast Alaska with my sisters and my dad and his wife. One of my sisters, Jackie and her husband Guy own a beautiful house in Tenakee Springs, off the coast of Juneau. We spent six of seven days on their boat fishing for salmon, crab, shrimp, halibut and managed to catch those as well as red snapper, true cod and rockfish. Every day we saw humpback whales morning noon and night. I saw two full breaches… it was absolutely stunning to see huge whales IN THE AIR. There were pods of orcas and Dahl’s porpoises and seals crisscrossing our path, too. It was like a crazy National Geographic expedition where the scientists eat a good portion of what they find and stay in a five-star hotel every evening. Narrator: “This magestic and complex creature turned out to be incredibly delicious later that evening, sprawled over a crisp romaine salad with a delicate herb dressing and a sensitively-chosen bottle of pinot gris.” It was such a crazy bounty and I suppose once in awhile it’s alright to partake. National Geographic meets Food Channel.

My beautiful sisters, Jackie and Deb.

Incredibly fun. Thank you, Jackie and Guy.

Just-barely-dead crab salad. Embarrassingly good.






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Owner, designer, printer at an historic letterpress printshop

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