Bad blogger! BAD!

Okay, so I’m not a good blogger, YET. You haven’t seen anything new here because there’s SO MUCH WORK going on and new developments that talking about it just seems to fall to the bottom of the list again and again.

A few highlights…

My most excellent partner Terry Bunce acquired a Heidelberg Windmill press last summer and we have set up the likely temporary Sherwood Annex print studio to accommodate this new press we’ve named ‘Hans’. (My windmill is nicknamed ‘Heidi’.) Terry has joined The Sherwood Press part-time as a press operator and will ultimately fill the role of operations manager. It’s a dream-come-true for this solo printer to be able to share this craft with a partner, and Terry brings so many complementary skills to my own. I will dedicate a whole post soon about him. We make a great team outside of work, and we are turning into an amazing team here at the press. Just be happy for us, okay?

Jami and Terry on press moving day!
Jami and Terry on press moving day!
Terry checking one of Hans' first big jobs, Big Truck labels for Olympia Coffee Roasting Co.
Terry checking one of Hans’ first big jobs, Big Truck labels for Olympia Coffee Roasting Co.

And Hans turned out to be quite a score. Purchased from the old Centralia Printing Company last year, I had only a cursory opportunity to evaluate the press before Terry wrote the check. Once it came home and was wired up, we put it through it’s shakedown cruise and Hans checked out with flying colors! He has been carefully maintained by the previous owner, and without any interventions beyond new rollers, he is churning out tight printing and therefore doubling our capacity. Since we have one particularly high-volume client, this has been an enormous help.

Oh and gosh we are still busy in the design department, with many particularly enjoyable projects coming through including the branding, label design and printing for the Boulay Wine Company, label design for the new Flying Cow Creamery, business cards for the new West Central Park here on the Westside, branding and printing for a new local health clinic, many other business cards for artists and artisans, the occasional wedding, and various and sundry. We LOVE serving our local community with design and printing, and feel especially privileged to support in a small way the burgeoning local craft economy. Onward!


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