It has been a few years since we had an open house, but since I am celebrating my TENTH YEAR as owner of the press, we are reviving the tradition. It’s a special day, too, because it’s the birthday of our founder Jocelyn Dohm (1918–2003), and I am also celebrating the first year of my partner Terry Bunce joining me at the press. Two new and amazing assistants — Marisa Malone and Rhonda Winter — have also been helping out around here SO MUCH and if this place looks tidy and spruced up, it is due to their enormous help. So help me celebrate them, too!

The press is a pretty small space, so we’ll open the doors for seven hours so that people can wander in and out as they please. We’ll have a cozy fire, cookies, hot spiced cider, a press all inked up so you can print your own memento, and we will also be offering packets of bookplates printed with the lovely papercut illustration that Nikki McClure made of Jocelyn and me (shown above), for anyone who contributes to the press window restoration fund. (Our big window that overlooks Capitol Lake is badly in need of a rebuild.)

Hopefully the weather will cooperate and you’ll see sun through the changing maples leaves. But since there is NO PARKING here at the press during the event, please plan to use on-street parking in the neighborhood up the hill from the press. Or, better yet, come on bike or on foot.

We greatly look forward to seeing you here!



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Owner, designer, printer at an historic letterpress printshop

2 thoughts on “FALL OPEN HOUSE!

  1. Oh my goodness. I didn’t even know you existed until a half hour ago, and now I am just upset that I missed the open house by a couple of weeks when I live maybe a twenty minutes away by foot! If you are ever up for letting a somewhat shy (but enthusiastic) nerd who loves the feel of paper and the smell of good books into your workspace, let me know!!! PS. I do spreadsheets and cleaning and arrrrgh I missed it by this much! And you just got two new assistants, whom probably are doing a wonderful job already.

  2. Hello Munchkinmeep. You are welcome to visit. I do have two assistants now so am not needing any helpers. We are all nerds and I’m sure would enjoy meeting you. I recommend you call before you drop by… to make sure we are here!

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