Pursuing Paper: A Hollander Beater at Last!!!

It’s been a long ambition to make paper. In my early twenties I took up bookbinding and ended up working for Don Guyot at Colophon Book Arts Supply in Olympia, Washington. As part of my job, I was able to attend the Paper Book Intensive a couple of times, helping to run the small store and taking amazing workshops with some of the finest teachers in the country. I took classes in hand lettering, box making, paper marbling, alternative book structures, paper decoration and more. It was at the Paper Book Intensive that I was exposed for the first time to hand papermaking. I remember thinking… “I’m going to come back to this.” And I have.

In the last few weeks my partner and I have acquired a Hollander beater (A 1.5 pound Voith-Allis Valley type beater) and have undertaken to restore it. It has been living outside for some time and was in such a condition I almost passed on it. But it looked sound in spite of some rust and dirt. And I had looked for so long for a beater and this one needed some serious and dedicated love. I felt up to the task, especially with Terry’s help. There is no better help than his. He can do anything. And he has been enormously generous with his time and skills.


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Owner, designer, printer at an historic letterpress printshop

2 thoughts on “Pursuing Paper: A Hollander Beater at Last!!!

    1. Hello Villa, it worked out very well! Our paper studio is very functional and the beater is working well. There is so much to learn about beating fiber and I feel like I’m at the very beginning, but we are making some nice papers. I’ll post more photos soon!

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