The Sherwood Press has just turned 75! I am so happy to be keeping Jocelyn Dohm’s legacy alive here in this wonderful place, keeping the presses running and putting my own stamp and style on things. I came here almost exactly 26 years ago – wandered up here on my bicycle after friends kept pestering me to make a visit. It was the year before the press turned 50. I started volunteering the next week. The next summer we had a great 50th celebration with friends, former volunteers, cake and printing demonstrations. I think Jocelyn would be very happy to know that we are gearing up for a big celebration this fall of our 75th.

This has been an incredibly busy summer, with a ton of printing as we roll out the new bag label system for Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. They have kept my press in high-gear for over five years now. I am so grateful for their business and their award-winning coffee which keeps me fueled. We have also been making paper as WIND•EYE Handmade Paper, developing our house paper recipe and getting better and better at beating fiber and pulling sheets.

We will soon be launching an Indiegogo campaign! We are hoping to raise money for some critical repairs of the press building. At 75, this lovely cedar cabin is showing the stress of age, weather, trees and pests. The big schoolhouse window is rotten and ready to collapse. The wall below it is rotting as well. The siding and foundation are inundated by soil buildup and rot. And the whole thing needs a good paint job. When I started volunteering back in 1989, I thought it was funny that there were mushrooms growing out of the window sill. Well those mushrooms aren’t funny to me now, nor are the moisture ants or the enormous spiders that eat the eggs that just drop from gaps below the sill. I could get David Attenborough over here to narrate the unfolding drama. Nature is reclaiming the press, but I want to see her through to 100! Stay tuned for our campaign launch. We’d love to count on your support!


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Owner, designer, printer at an historic letterpress printshop

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