Let’s make this a tradition!


Since I arrived at The Sherwood Press 26 years ago, I have always thought we should open up for Halloween, but in all those years we never had, until last year. This neighborhood just isn’t a big Halloween neighborhood, and lots of parents drive their kids up to the South Capitol neighborhood to enjoy the crazy and competitive scene that has developed there. Yet The Sherwood Press has something to offer that other places do not. It’s already just a bit mysterious and spooky. It’s up a steep, long driveway, surrounded by extremely tall trees, and it looks like the witch’s cabin from the tale of Hänsel and Gretel. Well, it’s not made of cakes and sweets, but there will be cakes and sweets inside. Come on by…. if you DARE.

We welcome teenagers!


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Owner, designer, printer at an historic letterpress printshop

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