Our Indiegogo Campaign is LIVE!

IMG_7761Visit our Campaign Page on Indiegogo!

Folks, if you’ve ever sat around thinking to yourself, “I wish I could give money to a small local business who has an old building that is rotting into the ground,” then today is your lucky day!

Our small, cedar cabin in the woods on the edge of Olympia’s west side just turned 75 years old, and like any 75 year old, is experiencing a certain degradation of form. Standing outside under the trees and in the weather these many years, the big 8-foot window is rotting and sagging into an also-compromised wall.

An enormous fir tree we call “The Nutcracker” is crushing the corner of our tiny structure and stands just 3/4″ away from the eaves. Unfortunately it needs to be lovingly, and respectfully “dismantled” and will soon stoke many future fireplaces and wood stoves around town.

In exchange for your contribution, there are many fun perks for you to claim. Please check them out and help us even more by sharing with your friends and networks!

Thank you SO much.


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Owner, designer, printer at an historic letterpress printshop

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