Book re^ Marks: the design assortment

Meet Book re^Marks, the bookmark notebook!

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I first came up with the essential idea for Book re^Marks 30 years ago, when I was studying latin. I wanted to have a portable way to capture vocabulary words. I created a slender folio that held my notes like a notebook and held my place like a bookmark. It was so helpful that even when I was finished with my textbook, I never forgot about it.

Fast forward twenty years when I decided to develop the idea into a product. I designed five different covers and printed and sold them through an online retailer and in some local shops. They did okay but I got busy, so I shelved my product line. But I never forgot.

Another ten years, and I have taken a fresh look at Book re^Marks and made some design improvements. The new product is ready to go.

I can’t tell you how useful I find these little notebooks! Not only are the great for anyone in a book club who borrows books, takes them from the library, or simply wants to preserve their pristine condition, but they also work for so many other things. I use them constantly as a task list – putting a box in the left-hand margin and writing the task to the right. As I go I check off the boxes and I have space for notes as well. I use them for packing lists, shopping lists, and sometimes as a portable weekly calendar. I have used them for all my travel details, and they fit perfectly in most checkbook wallets and slip perfectly into the inside pocket of a suit jacket.

Are you lending out a book to a friend? Put a Book re^Mark inside with your name and phone number on the cover or inside. They can take notes, and you are more likely to get your book back.

Book re^Marks: acting as a bookmark
Book re^ Marks: inside pages with margins
Book re^Marks: the inside pages have a narrow margin for page numbers, check marks, time, etc.
Book re^Marks: opening and back cover
Book re^Marks: front of package
Book re^Marks: back of package