WIND•EYE Handmade Paper

In 2014 I decided to try my hand at papermaking, which I had been introduced to at the Paper Book Intensive at Indianola in 1991. I had been storing up scraps of cotton paper trimmings for a long time, hoping to find a local papermaker to incorporate them into some nice recycled paper. I couldn’t find anyone to take it, so I decided that I would recycle them myself!

It started with a blender and a the most basic of tools, but after several years and lots of work and money spent along the way, we now have a respectable if small papermaking studio set up in my garage at home. It’s called WIND•EYE Handmade Paper, which comes from the Old Norse word for window, vindauga, which means ‘wind eye’. We love this name because it connects to our big window here at the press which we finally had restored after over 75 years of taking the brunt of the wind and rain on the southward face of The Sherwood Press. I also think of a piece of paper as a kind of window, too – a window into the human mind and heart.


Today WIND•EYE Handmade paper is growing and making more and more paper which we will use in some special products including notecards with matching envelopes, notebooks, and prints.

Contact us if you would like to know more about WIND•EYE Handmade Paper.