Jocelyn and Jami, 1999.
Jocelyn and Jami, 1999.


The Sherwood Press is a 79 year old letterpress print shop sitting on a bluff overlooking Capitol Lake in Olympia, Washington, amid a towering stand of Douglas fir and big leaf maple trees. The press was established and run for 63 years by Jocelyn Dohm, a wonderful woman who passed away in 2003. To learn more about her, please read the history page. I was her “printer’s devil”, assistant, and protegé for fourteen years. After eight years affiliated with the press, I decided to offer myself as the successor to Jocelyn, and she accepted. I inherited the business in 2003.

Terry with 'Hans'.
Terry with ‘Hans’.

For the past thirteen years, I have worked as Jocelyn did: as a one-woman business. However, in the last few years my partner Terry Bunce has purchased three additional Heidelberg Windmill presses to match my 1953 model, and decided to start helping me out with the workload. He trained for several months as a press operator, and is now a major part of the business, helping with strategic planning, operations, maintenance, and a host of other things. We are also very pleased to have gained two very hard-working, motivated assistants, Schanen Ryan and Olivia Richards.

Buildings & Equipment

The press consists of the original 1940, 420 sq. ft. english revival building, the 200 sq. ft. Dohm-Sayre Bindery (2008), the Blackhawk Shed, and the new Sherwood Annex. We have four Heidelberg 10 x 15 T-Platen (“Windmill”) presses, one 10 x 15 Chandler & Price New Series platen press with treadle, a Reynolds Print-a-sign from the 1960s, a Gordon Old Style 8 x 12, and a couple of small tabletop presses as well. We have a 30.5″ Challenge Series C hydraulic paper cutter, a 19 3/8″ Challenge tabletop paper cutter, a nice Kutrimmer board shear, and a variety of bindery tools. We have fourteen cabinets of metal type, some of which is quite rare. We also have a photopolymer platemaking system that enables us to print computer-designed artwork and typography on the letterpresses.

Our Specialties

The Sherwood Press specializes in branding, product labeling, custom business cards, personal and business stationery, social announcements, and occasionally offers broadside editions, greeting cards, notebooks, posters or other items.


If you would like to inquire about specific capabilities of our press, please drop us a line. We are adding equipment and gaining expertise more or less constantly.

Thanks for visiting!

Jami Heinricher, Owner


The Sherwood Press • 811 5th Avenue SW • Olympia, WA 98502



5 thoughts on “ABOUT US / CONTACT

  1. Hello. My name is Erik Atkinson. I graduated from Clover Park Tech. College last year. I was hoping that you had any Internship or hiring for the Summer. Please let me know as soon as possible.
    Thank you, Erik.

    P.S. Below this is a copy of my Resume

    Erik James Atkinson
    Photo Manipulation—Graphic Artist
    Address: 4136 Clearwater Drive Se
    E-mail: atkineri08@yahoo.com
    Phone: (360)-918-1237


    To obtain an entry level position where I can use my creativity and passion for graphic design in a team environment. I have good communication skills and show up for work on time and work very hard. I’m an expert in Photo Manipulation. By provide and convert a PDF file for the printing press. I can create a design page layout with typography and digital images. My projects are done correctly and professional.

    Work Experience:
    Olympia Dairy Queen.
    Cashier: Operated Point of Sale Cash Register and handled $3050+daily.
    The highest Customer Service for the past 3 years.
    Maintained a great attendance record for three years.
    Train new employees.


    I show up to work on time 99%
    I’m dependable and have good time management.
    I train new employee at the Olympia Dairy Queen.
    I open and close the Olympia Dairy Queen.
    I enjoy working with other people.
    I’m very creative with my projects.
    I have a positive attitude with my entire crew.
    I have only call out sick one time in the last three years.
    I have a positive attitude with my entire crew member.

    Computer Skills:

    PhotoShop CS3 & CS4
    InDesign CS3 & CS4
    Illustrator CS3 & CS4
    Acrobat Pro
    Apple Word
    PC Word, PowerPoint and Publisher


    Fall 2004-Spring 2008: Timberline High School
    Fall 2008-Spring 2010: AAT Degree at Clover Park Technical College.

    Volunteer and Work Experience:

    Teacher Assistant at the Lake View Day Care in Lacey, WA
    Cashier at the Olympia Dairy Queen in Olympia, WA

  2. Jocelyn and Margery were guests of ours in N.Z about 25 years ago and we remained sporadically in touch until just after Jocelyn died…..and our lives changed radically as well.
    Their Christmas cards and poems left a warmth that lingers still.
    If Margery is still around in body, please pass on my warm wishes….She and Jocelyn will still be there in spirit!
    Janet Butler…now Russell

  3. I can’t believe there have not been any entries since March 31, 2012 but here goes.

    Hi Jaime: I ran into you at the Capital Theatre food stand on movie night showing Eating Raoul. Well anyway, at least I remembered who you were from vague past encounters or hearsay. I knew your name and that you ran the Sherwood Press.
    I just heard from a poet/writer friend who is new to Olympia (from Seattle) and said he had written two books (of what I don’t yet know) but had not published them. Which led me to think of you and the press.

    Question: Do you occassionally print books? If so, I’ll put him in touch with you.

    Let me know. I hope you still read these posts. If I don’t hear from you soon I’ll give a call.

    Chris Stegman
    360-451-8838 cell
    360-705-3528 hm

    1. Hi Chris. No, I’m not really doing any publishing. I have helped a few clients design their books, and I have designed and printed one extended-length poetry chapbook, but printing books by letterpress is very costly. Your friend is certainly welcome to come by some time and take a look at what we do here. I can give him some ideas of how to proceed, if he’s not got a concrete plan already. In any case, thanks for getting in touch, and hope to see you more often than every five years or so…. Best, Jami

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